Sponsor a Campaign

Supporting the Windom PTO means supporting Windom Dual Immersion Elementary School. The money generated by our campaigns are used for teacher aids, class trips, and materials and resources for your child.

Everyone helping out volunteers their time and talents to support our kids.


Spirit Wear

In spring and fall the PTO will takes orders for Windom Spirit Wear apparel. These can be worn as a school uniform and offer your child a few more options in their wardrobe.  More information →

Plant Sale

In the spring of each year Windom PTO hosts a plant sale, where you can purchase flowers, plants and vegetables and support Windom.


Noche De Fiesta

In the fall, the PTO hosts an adult-only night out with dancing, games and a silent raffle. To learn more, or sign up to help contact the director of the event,  Heather Falsani.

School #1 Renovation

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