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Windom Spring Celebration

When: Saturday May 14th from 12:30-3:30pm


Where: Windom park and playground


What: Fun! Food, activities, music, raffle and community! 


Why: To celebrate the first year of Windom Community School. It's time to gather together and get to know new friends and community members. 


Who: Everyone welcome! Invite neighbors, friends and family! 

How to help: Sign up to help set up, run a booth or clean up here.  You can also help by asking a local business for a raffle donation.  Email windompto@gmail.com if you have other ideas.

Birthday Party
Pinwheel Kids

2022-2023 Windom PTO Board Nominees

As we look to the next school year we need to have an election for next year's PTO board at the May PTO meeting.   If there is only one person nominated/interested for each position the vote will be a yes/no on the slate, however, if more than one person is running for a position there will be a ballot vote. Voting will take place at the May meeting.

Board Positions:


Co-chairs -  Kellie Riley (returning) and Jaime Lieser

The co-chairs run the monthly board meeting and membership meeting. They represent the organization in meetings with other organizations. They ensure that all members are continuing the organization's mission.


Treasurer - Pete Surdo (returning)

The treasurer keeps all financial records. Updates the board monthly on financial status. Completes yearly taxes and ensures the organization maintains its 501c3 non-profit status.


Secretary - Susan Schubert

The secretary takes minutes of each of the monthly meetings. They also ensure that the calendar is kept up to date. 


At-large (3) - Jara Hoyt, Rachel Staab (returning) and Tiffany Tomlin

The at-large position is undefined and allows for flexibility on our board. Some examples are an additional teacher representative, co-treasurer (as that position can be time consuming), co-chair emeritus (when and if available), or any helpful member that wants to help on the board and is not sure which role they fit into best. 


Teacher/staff representative - Jose Rodriguez and Maria-Ana Martinez (both returning)

Any teacher or ESP is eligible. They will attend both monthly meetings and help the PTO with communication to other staff members.

Please email windompto@gmail.com with any questions.

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